Top 3 Best Internet Radio Stations in the South Africa

Internet radio allows you to choose and listen directly to the most popular radio stations. There are several internet radio stations in South Africa with the following being the best three.

Metro FM

This is the number one urban radio station in South Africa. The radio station has been growing at a fast rate since its formation in 1986 October when it used to go by the name Radio Metro. The station is owned by the South Africa Broadcasting Company (SABC), and its head is in Johannesburg. Metro FM has grown to be the biggest commercial radio station in the country. The target audience of this station is mainly the youth and urban adults. The music genre played here is mostly Gospel, Hip-hop, House, R&B and contemporary jazz. The weather and traffic reports are up to date, and the sports, finance and culture segments make it very interesting, especially for the urban adults and the youth.

LM Radio
This radio broadcasts in South Africa and is in full called Lifetime Memories Radio. It is a commercial radio station with its base in Maputo. This specific radio station aims to create memories with its listeners daily. The type f music played here is mainly old school music from the ’50s to the ’80s and a little modern music. The target audience is people who want to bring back the memories of the old days while creating new ones.

Jacaranda FM
This internet radio station is a commercial radio broadcaster that serves the people of the North West Province, Limpopo, Gauteng, and Mpumalanga. Its broadcast is mainly in English and Afrikaans. The type of music played here is music from the ’80s to modern music. The station has other programs that add to the fun such as BFF Lunch and The Complimentary Breakfast.